Fortune 500 Company Top Salesman
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If You’ve Been Trying To Make Money Online By Listening To
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Dear Friend,
Let’s face it – the biggest problem with making money online today is that there
are too many “gurus” promising you things that they can never deliver
(nor did they ever intend to deliver on their promises).
If you’re like most people who are trying to make money online, you’ve most
likely bought your fair share of online marketing training courses. And my guess
is, those courses haven’t really worked out for you. You’re lured in by these
‘gurus’ into buy their courses thinking everything  is going to be very easy. But
what they actually teach makes most people sick to their stomach. The usual advice
you find in these courses is to sell, sell and sell. And do it all while being pushy.


Because that’s the fastest way to making a quick buck.
I don’t know about you, but ethically and morally this just didn’t feel right for me.
That’s when I decided to take a different approach and…

Totally Ignore What The Gurus Were
Teaching And Follow My Gut

Hi, my name is Ken, and unlike most people, I don’t come
from the “virtual world”.

What I mean by that is that I’ve been a real-world salesman
for a Fortune 500 company.

During my years as a salesman, well, let’s just say I learned a thing or two about sales.
And even though I was interested in learning from the
Internet marketing “gurus”, I always had my guard up,
especially when they teach how to sell online.

Because of that, I decided to ignore some of the information outlined in their course and follow my instincts.
That’s when my problems online started slowly disappearing.
The more I pivoted from the high-pressure sales techniques these courses were teaching, the more money I started making.
And it all finally made perfect sense to me.
But it didn’t all start like that…

My Failures Online Started Because I
Listened Blindly To What The
“Gurus” Were Saying

You see, just like you, I wanted to start an online business and have it easy by just watching
the balance on my bank account increase without having to leave the comfort of my home.

I spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out a way to best monetize affiliate products, and it was wasted effort, and worst of all, it was wasted time.
I made 2-3 sales per month, and the work, the time and effort, just did not pay me…
And believe me, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in in my years working, as a salesman, for a Fortune 500 company, it is that time is money.
Wasted time was a wasted opportunity to make money some other way.

The biggest mistake you can make is
to blindly follow what others are
teaching. Their advice and pushy sales
techniques didn’t get me anywhere.

In fact, I even think that deep inside I
didn’t even want to succeed because I
know that the methods I was using were
not morally and ethically acceptable.

And shoving products down people’s throats – that’s just not me…
And if there’s one thing I learned from my many years of experience as a salesman in the real world is that…

Being An Aggressive Salesman Won’t Get
You Anywhere. Period.

You see, I was the top salesman for many years in the company I worked with.
And having an MBA in marketing, we could say I was not your typical salesman.
While my day job paid well, I didn’t have much free time and I knew that the boss I worked for was making 10 dollars for every 1 dollar I earned.
That’s when I decided to dive into the Internet marketing world.
Even though I was an experienced salesman, I have to admit that the ‘gurus’ got to me too.
They convinced me to buy their shiny courses and follow their methods.
But something just didn’t feel right with what they were teaching.
That’s when I decided to test out my own methods.
With my methods I quickly went from making 2 to 3
affiliate product sales to making some real numbers.
And with every single sale I made I took notes.
Note after note, a pattern started to form in front of me.
And involuntarily, I created a formula for selling affiliate products online.
A formula that would not make me sick to my stomach.
A formula that was pretty much selling the affiliates products without actually selling.
That’s when it hit me. I had a system so powerful that anyone could replicate and start making money with it in a matter of days.
Now, I’m not talking about making $10,000 in 24 hours or anything like that.
The formula that practically formed itself is a formula that I believe could make anyone an extra income.
After testing it on a few friends and family members, I decided to make it available to the public, so that any struggling entrepreneur could take it, apply it and succeed with it.



Lazy Sales Formula

Fortune 500 Company Top Salesman Reveals How To
Sell Online Without Actually Selling

My step-by-step video course reveals the exact same methods I discovered thanks to my years of experience outside the virtual world.

The course is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner and reveals everything you need to know about making money online by “selling” affiliate products without being pushy, aggressive or sleazy.


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The methods I’ll show you revolve around something that I like to call “Goodwill Email Marketing”, which basically means – if you TRULY help your email subscribers, you could be earning a healthy return on every dollar you spend.

And these stats are not made up.

In fact, these numbers are just the average numbers companies experience with email marketing.
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Listen, you can continue to follow the old-fashioned advice most “gurus” give
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