Using Snapchat at Live Events to get Followers

Increase Your Brand Awareness and Grow Your Following

In this article, were going to discuss a couple of ways that you can use live events to get followers to your Snapchat account. The first thing that you should do is open up your Snapchat app and look where the Discover page is. You will see a place where it says live and then you will find stories below that. Don’t get confused by this live event feature that Snapchat has.
They do a thing called Our Story where they pick a live event that’s going on and then take people‘s snaps and video from that event and build a curated story that everyone can see regardless of who they are following.


That is not the type of live event that will be discussing in this article. The type of live event that you want to use Snapchat for is the kind of live event where your company is doing something exciting that customers can attend. You can hold these events whenever you like, and you can use Snapchat to both bring people to your live event and convince people that are already at your live event to sign up and follow you on Snapchat. The way that you get people from your Snapchat to your live event is fairly straightforward. Just build a story using snaps in that event and invite people out. Just remember, stories last for 24 hours so the best way for you to do a live event with Snapchat stories is have the story begin before the live event starts – 24 hours before the start of your event.

Then you can start a brand-new story when the event starts and people will be able to check out live images and video from the event. Obviously, this is a great way to get people to your event because you not only get people that have to prepare for the event and are willing to come 24 hours after hearing about it, but you also get people who are more of right-here-right-now, fly by the seat of your pants people. In other words, people who will come to your live event on very short notice.

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It is worth noting that this will only work if you have followers in the same city that you are doing the event in and if you are a large brand and you are in a large city this is usually not a problem. For small businesses, many of their followers will have followed them by coming into their brick-and-mortar store and so they will not have a problem either. In fact, the only people who are going to have a problem are the people who do not have a brick-and-mortar store and only work online but have a very small business and not a huge Snapchat following. Holding a live event will be very poorly attended because very few of your Snapchat followers are likely to be in that particular area.
In either case, whether you are convincing people to sign up and follow you on Snapchat from your live event, or you are trying to convince followers in that area to come to your live event, you should definitely use some sort of promotion, coupon or giveaway to entice them.

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