Using Keywords To Develop A Successful Marketing Campaign

While there are a lot of very important aspects to successfully marketing a website (website architecture, content, etc.), I would say keyword research is probably one of the most important parts of the process. And while there is no single “right” way to perform keyword research, there are many key things that you must do in order to ensure that your research is performed thoroughly and effectively.


Many site owners get caught up believing that if they can achieve a #1 keyword ranking on Google, visitors will begin flocking to their site. This may be true for some keywords, but if you haven’t done your research and selection properly, you’re never going to know which keywords will provide you the best overall benefit and strongest return on investment.

You’ll want to note that there is a big difference between a marketing campaign that delivers a lot of traffic to your site and one that delivers relevant traffic to your site. More often than not, sites that generate smaller amounts of targeted traffic see a better return on investment than sites that generate larger amounts of un-targeted traffic.

Identifying and selecting the correct keyword phrases to optimize and promote your site is important, time consuming and sometimes even difficult. Many people often get hung up on the wrong keywords based on incomplete data or not thinking through each keyword carefully. If keyword research is not performed with the correct focus in the correct areas, you may find you have a whole mess of phrases to target but no clear picture on the value of those phrases or their ability to drive targeted traffic.

It ain’t easy doing it right

While many keywords may be extremely difficult to achieve top rankings with in a short amount of time, I don’t believe that any keyword is out of bounds or unattainable. The only caveat to that is in making sure you have the budget, time, skill and desire to put forth the amount of effort required to get any particular keyword to succeed.

While you should always consider the risk (how much investment will be required) versus reward (how many new sales it will bring in), a well-structured campaign can return near immediate results. As you focus on the more easily attainable keywords in the beginning, you are building the foundation for success down the road with what others might consider to be those unattainable keywords.

The importance of keyword research in helping set your overall marketing strategy can’t be understated. It can sometimes be a long, arduous process, but it’s an essential one. Before you set about your research, just be prepared for the process. Set time aside so you’re not rushed and can research as thoroughly as possible. When it comes to analyzing, do so carefully, performing more research as needed. And as you organize, be thoughtful about what makes the most sense and will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Ken. R
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