Traffic Generation With Video Marketing

How To Use Video To Drive Traffic To Your Site

A great method of generating website traffic is by posting videos online. What stops many people from using this methods is they do not know how to do it. This is one method of marketing that can be integrated with several other marketing techniques where your efforts will only generate more traffic to your website, or blog. That is why you will want to include video marketing within your crosslinking campaign to drive traffic to your website, or blog and increase your search engine rankings. To be honest with you, you do not need that much experience online to create a video for your marketing campaign. For most marketers they will just create a 2 or 3 minute video that is usually about their experiences. These experiences can cover several different areas, just as with
article marketing.



Once you have selected what you would like to cover in your video, the next step is to create your video which is also very simple to do. Many people think that you need fancy equipment, or knowledge of being a video producer or editor to create a video, they couldn’t be more wrong. Creating a video is very simple to do with very minimal experience or equipment. The truth is all you need to have to create a video is a webcam or a digital camera. Some people even create videos using just their cell phones that have recording capabilities. If you have never done this before, play
around with it for a little while. Take the time to practice, and create some trial videos and you will see that this is not complicated.

Once you have some practice under your belt, then take the time to create a video that you will actually post on YouTube. In your video make sure you speak clearly and the camera is focused on what you are talking about. Also make your videos interesting with a little excitement. Nobody likes to watch a video that is boring, they will stop your video and move on very quickly. Make sure that you include your website, or blog address in the video too. You have a couple ways you can do this with your videos. One is to use video editing software to insert your website or blog and another is in the video description.

It may sound obvious, but it starts with the actual video. As we know, quality content is key and the better and more value it provides to the viewer the more likely you are to share and engage with you. Luckily, creating videos doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming anymore. We’re now seeing a plethora of tools available to make the process as easy as possible whilst being cost effective for the small business owner. One of my favorite tools to create animated videos is Go Animate. It allows you to create professional animated videos in minutes. And if I can do it, anyone can! They provide all the tools, styles and assets so you can focus on your story. It’s very simple to use and even has a very cool lip-sync feature. Their animated infographic videos are also a great way to spark engagement and stand out from the normal static infographics that we see too many of these days. Timing is everything! The first few seconds are crucial. It’s about speed of
engagement. You want to ensure that your bounce rate is low and that the viewer stays to the end, particularly as that is where most people add their calls to action. Human beings’ attention span is short. So make sure the first few seconds capture your audience. YouTube measures the quality of your views too. You can check your viewer’s retention rate in the analytics section of your YouTube account(audience retention tab).

Use YouTube’s call to action overlay. This feature is a simple banner ad that sits at the bottom of your video. You have full control of what you can write and the best part is that there is no cost for this; you only pay for the views you buy when promoting your video with an AdWords campaign. YouTube automatically transcribe your video which is great. However, they’re not always accurate and keywords can be easily lost. It’s worthwhile uploading your video transcript to YouTube manually; this will help your video get indexed better on Google too. Or at the very least be sure to double-check. Next, add annotations to your YouTube videos. Not only does this help drive more traffic back to your website but it also helps to increase engagement and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Lastly,ensure your YouTube channel is fully optimized and up-to-date. Take the time to organised your play lists and promote your channel as well as your videos.

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