Traffic Generation Using Facebook Fan-Pages & Groups

How To Drive Visitors To Your Site From Fan Pages And Groups

Anyone who works for a major news website or publisher knows that social referrals, which mean links that are shared on social networks have become a crucial source of incoming traffic and have been vying with search as a source of new readers for some time. Now, Facebook is no longer just vying with Google but has overtaken it by a significant amount according to
This isn’t the first time that Facebook has edged past Google in the traffic-referral race. In last year January, Facebook accounted for just 20% of all the traffic from documented sources to the company’s network of media sites and now it is doubled. Although Google has a much broader range of sites it sends traffic via search, but, the larger news and media sites have become much more reliant on Facebook.


Besides your personal Facebook account, you can also create a fan page to drive the traffic. An easy way to drive more Facebook traffic is by adding a link to your website in the “about” box. It is the one located right below the profile image of your page. In this way, people can easily visit your website with a click as soon as they read the description, which is only one or two lines long and then follow it up with a link to your website. If it is too long, people won’t be able to see your link right away. So keep it short so people will see the link right away. This will encourage more people to visit your site. Furthermore, do not leave the link all by itself so that it is right at the top. You may write a few words about your business and then leave the link. The fresh and new content you post on your page is important, not only for social media marketing but also for search engine optimization. Posting something new and helpful once a week or even once a month can benefit your website traffic. You can post a weekly tip about niche. It doesn’t have to be long, a paragraph or two with a nice photo will do just fine. Start with the frequently asked questions that come in from your customers.

Other than that, post a weekly news bite with a photo about what is happening in your business helps too. As long as you are able to update your page as frequent as possible, it definitely helps to drive more traffic to your site.Another great way to drive more traffic to your website from your Facebook page is by pinning post to the top. When you publish a new post or your most important ones, pin it right to the top. This can be done by hovering over your post and click on the edit button and then click on pin to the top. When the golden marker appears on the right corner of the post, it means that the post has been pinned to the top. Remember to regularly unpin old post a pin on the new ones. You could pin your latest blog post, important news or images.


To drive more traffic to your website, make sure you have links in other parts of your Facebook page that people may be visiting. You can make a good use of your Facebook milestones. Milestones stay on your about page and can have links in them to drive traffic. Or else, you could also add links in your photo descriptions. When someone clicks on your photo, they will see the photo description. Use in especially on your cover photo which will be clicked on more often. In additions, do not neglect your own personal profile when considering how you can drive more traffic to your website. Make sure you share your blog posts to your personal profile and optimize your own “about” section with links. Be generous when you describe yourself and also your business. Write longer description so that people who read the about page would understand you and your business right away.

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