Traffic Generation With Instagram

Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Instagram

Instagram is one of the hottest visual social media platforms, bringing a human and approachable aspect to your brand. If you have a brand account on the Instagram, then your main attention is to grab more followers’ every day. Photos or images as you know make social media go gaga. At Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest we have noticed photos drive more traffic to the websites. After Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012, it increased in popularity and brought real values to the company. Now 41 million photos shared daily and also gathers 8000 likes and 1100 comments per second. If you count upon on Instagram to drive traffic, you will need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. As most people check websites on the run through their smartphones or tablets. So, it is important to make them offer the best experience as possible.


Profusely Link Back To Your Website 

First of all, you may profusely link back to your website. How are you going to do this? You can post photos of your products and make sure you attach a great picture to grab the attention. You can share the latest images that you used in your website with the relevant link. Write an attractive description and a call to action button to convince people so that the will pay a visit to your website.
Having your own link and banner help too. Brands have been featuring big banners linking back to their social media accounts or campaigns and it has shown positive result to drive good amount of traffic back to their websites. Besides, you could use Instagram Badges. This is because Instagram made icons are the easiest tool to link back to your account and drive the traffic back to your online profile.

Traffic Generation With Instagram

Next, make sure you are being very clear in your calls-to-action (CTA) on Instagram that you want people to click on the link in the bio. Design Instagram photos that convert. You can layer a CTA and your website URL directly onto an aesthetically pleasing photo. If you really want to grow an audience and create brand advocates, Instagram is the place to do that. But you have to be equally open, engaging and active with your audiences. When people respond to or comment on your post, make sure you are engaging with and responding to them. Furthermore, the most common way to led Instagram followers to your website is to use the “link in bio” tactic. Instagram lets you include one clickable link in your bio. So, make sure you use it effectively. To add a link, simply go to edit profile and type it in the website text box. With the tool, you can use your bio link to direct followers to a page with the same look and fells as your Instagram feed, where they can click images to purchase your product or read your content.

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Make Good Use Of Hastags

You need to know how to make good use of hashtags on Instagram. Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to organize photos. If you have used Instagram, then you might have noticed that the picture description has many hashtags which makes the picture more searchable. The best way to generate exposure and get more engagement is to use hashtags on Instagram. Some hashtags are more popular than the other, but it is advisable to use the relevant hashtags that fit your brand image. Instagram search engine is more powerful than the Twitter, therefore if you start adding more hashtags, the higher the chances of getting your images discovered by more number of people.

However, do not over hash-tagging in each post. Yes, hashtags are a great way for a brand to be discovered but only when used wisely. A caption should not stretch two images height when scrolling just because it’s full of hashtags. Sometimes too many hashtags in one picture could be annoying and people will not read them one by one. Around 5 to 7 hashtags are acceptable per post.
Of course, you need to constantly check on the popular or trending hashtags on Instagram to stay on track. Follow along and see if you have a photo that relates to one of the trending tags so that you can join in on the feed. This is another great way to keep track of the daily holidays for example #InternationalChocolateDay while incorporating your brand. Research a little to see which hashtags are popular on Instagram. Include them in your picture to reach out to the refined target. Here are some examples of hashtags that gains most number of followers.

#follow, #love, #potd, #ootd, #igers, #instadaily, #tapme

Besides popular hashtags, you can actually be creative and create your very own hashtags for your brand. Zone in on one area of your photo and emphasize hashtags that fit that specific topic to avoid using the same hashtags over and over again. It would be easier for people to reach you when they know your personal hashtags.

Create A Specific Contest Hastag

Having contest and giving out attractive prizes on Instagram drive a lot more traffic than you think. For example, you just launch your online store’s Instagram account, you might have a launching giveaway on your Instagram account. But of course, before you held a contest or giveaway event on your Instagram, you might want to stimulate audience curiosity. Post a picture or smoke signal for people to sneak peek and preview to attract people to your website. You can take picture of your new developing or latest product and direct people to your website for more
details, along with the giveaway date. You are free to strategize the Instagram photo contests, but there are ways to maximize the impact on your brand followers.

So, what can you do to strategize in the right way? First, you can make a condition for following your brand official account to enter the contest. And then ask them to create or repost photos that promote your brand. It is even better if you put in your own brand’s hashtags for them. As question about the event or sale begin to multiply on a post, stay engaged and respond to each comment. A response is a great time to tell a follow the answer to their question is on the URL in the bio section.

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