The Marketing Potential for Periscope

How To Use Periscope For Internet Marketing

The Marketing Potential for Streaming

As you can hopefully see Periscope video streaming has huge potential and will likely have a massive impact on the world. But how about marketing? Why is it such a big deal for internet marketers? How can you even use Periscope to market yourself? Let’s start by answering the first question first: why is Periscope big news for marketers? What are the advantages?
Well, right now the biggest news with regards to live streaming for marketing is just how new it is. The truly excellent thing about trying to market yourself on Periscope today is that you’re likely to be the first brand in your niche to do so.

There are probably around 100-200 people streaming videos from the US at any given time – and that’s actually a somewhat generous estimate. Also, a lot of these videos are people who are just staring at the camera not doing much, or even just turning it on for a few seconds and turning it off. If you come onto Periscope with a video that provides really useful, interesting information about making money online, or working out. If you can show off high production values, great presentation skills and useful information; then you’re bound to get a gigantic following right away!
In fact, even those videos of people who staring at the camera find they get a big response and a lot of new followers. That’s simply because the platform is so new and so exciting – people right now are eating up any kind of content they can get on here!

Periscope Marketing for Internet Marketers
Okay, so if you’re an internet marketer then fundamentally, your Periscope account is going to act like an extension/addition to your current selection of platforms. Your objectives here are to:
1. Build a big audience of followers
2. Built the trust of that audience
Thankfully, that’s very easy to do right now. And the strategy you use is going to be very similar to the one you’re used to. This can also be neatly summed up with two bullet points:
1.  Provide value
2.  Be highly consistent
In other words, your aim is to consistently deliver high quality videos on a single topic and to ensure they offer some real value for the end user. The idea is simply to get to the point where people are actively looking for your content and looking forward to seeing more of your content. And because so much of the content on Periscope is very amateurish right now, you can actually do this really rather easily. Simply come up with a format and make sure that the topic is nicely relevant to the nature of your niche.
Try to use the best production values you can, try to come up with a good theme and something to tie it all together, but most importantly: make sure people come away having learned something or been entertained generally. Value is super important because it’s what will make people want to keep watching your content and it’s what will make them then want to look out for more content from you in future. Consistency is also important, because if they enjoy one video but then your next one is on a different topic or just isn’t very good quality, they’ll lose interest and look elsewhere.

If you are looking for even more way to connect with a targeted audience check out our section in the Lazy Sales Formula on Facebook Marketing.

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