Is Facebook Instant Articles Right For You?

Are you making the best use of the social media networks you belong to? Does your affiliate marketing find its way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Have you explored how these platforms can be used to help you profit even more? If you haven’t, it’s time that you explored them to their fullest potential.

What is Instant Articles?

Take Facebook for example. It now has an option called Instant Articles that you can do to build a bigger blog following. Rather than link to your website, they open inside of the social media network when clicked. Not only does that save visitors from bouncing back and forth between browser tabs, it also allows content to load 10 times faster than normal linked articles.

Do the Following for Your WordPress Website

To create Instant Articles for your blog, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Have a WordPress website. The plugin is available on this platform.
  • Access WordPress Admin and click Add New Plugin. You should already be aware of how to sign into WordPress. You’ll do so using your username and password.
  • Find Instant Articles for WP and click Install. Wait until the Plugin is finished installing before proceeding.
  • Take the steps necessary to activate the Plugin. Walk through each step to make sure that you’ve completed it.
  • Go to the WordPress Admin sidebar and click on Instant Articles. You’ll then configure Facebook Instant Article Settings.
  • Visit the Facebook page for your blog. You’ll be given the option to open up the settings for Instant Articles.
  • Read the Initial Setup guidelines. This helps familiarize you with Instant Articles and how it works.
  • Then go to the Tools section and Claim Your URL and submit Production RSS Feed. The plugin that you installed for WordPress helps with the setup. You’ll have a URL that reads
  • Submit your feed for review. Facebook will get back to you with approval and you’ll be ready to use Instant Articles.
  • Download the Facebook Pages Manager app. It allows you to test out articles before they receive approval.


By including your affiliate marketing links inside the text that you’ve written for Instant Articles, you’re able to profit from the traffic your blogs create without visitors needing to go to your website first. They can read the content, learn about the products and services that you’re promoting, and see for themselves if the items are right for them.

Who Should You Be an Affiliate For?

If you still have determined what type of products and services are best for your audience, Clickbank and JVZoo are good places to visit. You’ll be able to see the different affiliate marketing programs available and the amount of payout you’ll receive as an affiliate. You’ll learn if it’s a flat rate per referral or a percentage of a customer’s sales that you receive.

This helps you determine how hard you have to work at affiliate marketing, too, because some products and services virtually sell themselves. That’s the type of affiliate marketing programs that you’re looking for because the less time you spend promoting other companies, the more time you’ll have to yourself to do other things.

Automatic Profits with Very Little Effort Involved

Who doesn’t want to profit without expending a lot of time and energy? We most certainly understand why some of the top affiliate marketers do what they do to automate their efforts. Getting paid handsomely for doing something that you love is what we call “living the dream”.

Choose the Platforms That Have the Greater Number of Your Audience

It’s a matter of trial and error to perfect affiliate marketing techniques on any one social media platform be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. New tools are worth exploring because anything that simplifies your job as an affiliate is ideal. One of the greatest things about affiliate marketing is that if it’s done right, it requires very little effort from you.

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