How To Find CPA Offers For Your Website

Choosing The right Cost Per Action Offers

I’m going to show you how you can find cost-per-action offers, also known as CPA offers, that you can promote on your site to make money as an affiliate. Here’s a little breakdown of how CPA marketing works, and it’s not that different than how other affiliate marketing programs work. Basically, someone visits your site, they click on a special affiliate link on your site, they land on a landing page, and they fill out an offer. When that offer’s filled out, you as the affiliate gets paid. What really separates CPA marketing from most other forms of affiliate marketing is that this offer is typically free. Usually, they’re asking for a lead for something like insurance, maybe an online degree, or they’re signing up for some contest. Typically, this offer doesn’t cost the user any money.



First and foremost, your actually need to check out your site as just a heads up for what types of people tend to visit your site. You don’t necessarily have to worry about matching the perfect offer with your audience. Your site has a certain segment that makes up the largest part of your site. That’s important to keep in mind,because sometimes you won’t find CPA offers that fit with your site’s theme, butthey might fit with your site’s audience and their demographic. It’s something to payattention to.Your next step is to head to a site called, which is basically a search
engine for CPA offers. Let’s say that you had a site about personal finance. You could put a key word like ‘finance’ into the search field, but you could also put things like‘insurance’, ‘loans’, ‘credit’; things that describe some other things that your audience might be interested in. First, you want to put in more of a broad keyword like ‘finance’, and click on Search, then check out the offers that Offer Vault shows you. I’m going to walk you through all the information that comes up when you do a search on Offer Vault right now.

The next think to look at is the pay-out, which is how much you get paid for every conversion. The type is just whether it’s a lead, which is where someone signs up or fills out a form, versus the sale, which is where someone actually makes a purchase. The category is obviously the different categories that that offer falls under. The last update is when is the last time that offer has been updated. Don’t be too concerned if it’s been a month or two. If you see an offer there for maybe more than a year that hasn’t been updated, it’s likely that offer actually isn’t active any more.

However, an important issue before you sign up to the offer is to click on Full Landing Page Preview to take a look at, basically, what your traffic will be seeing when they click on your affiliate link. You just want to make sure the landing page looks legit, because if it looks shady, then chances are it’s not going to convert very well for you. You want to look at the design. Does the design look clean and professional? Are there any trust symbols? Do all the links work? Just basic things like that. Look at it from a third-person perspective. If it looks shady and it looks like something you wouldn’t fill out, it’s very likely that your traffic won’t fill it out either. If the offer does look good and it looks like something that you’d want to promote, your next step is to join the network that runs that offer, and that information is at the bottom of the information page at Offer Vault.


Also, I would advise you to check out the network, copy the name of the network, and then head over to, which is an affiliate network review site. Paste the name of the network that you are interested in joining into the search field and click on the magnifying glass button. When you see the network that you are interested in joining in the search results, click on the link in the search results. This page would give you a lot of information about the affiliate network, including their payment frequency, their payment methods or referral commission. Besides, you really want to pay attention to is the rating distribution. If you see something like this, it means that it’s a legit network that you can join. There’s a lot of 5-stars, a lot of 4-stars, and just a couple of 1 and 2-stars, which is normal. If you head a networks page on Aff Offers and you see that there’s very few 5 and 4-stars and a lot of 1 and 2-stars, it’s a huge red flag, and I wouldn’t recommend joining that network and promoting their offer. Once you see a rated distribution that looks something like this, go ahead and join the network. Once you’re approved, you can start running the offers on your site.

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