How and Why Marketers Are Absolutely Burning Out Their Email Lists

When you do decide to finally take up the business of marketing affiliate products, you will realize that you are not the only one out there. In fact, there are a lot of people trying to earn an income from the comfort of their own home. Some of them have even built up huge lists of subscribers…only to burn them out and gain nothing from access to so many people.

Now, why does that happen? Why do people build huge e-mail lists so to not be able to sell much of anything? Well, there are 2 reasons:

First, they don’t have access to my Lazy Sales Formula that teaches you how to build a long term relationship with your subscribers, so to be able to market to them for years down the road.

The second reason is because they use the method that I call “the angry salesman” which is the most basic worn-out sales technique that is taught by so many “gurus” out there and it comes down to aggressively selling; promising subscribers all kinds of benefits to click on a link, so they can find out that they’ve been deceived; trying to just sell, sell, sell without understanding that different people have different interests. “One size fits all” type of advertising doesn’t work, precisely because of uniqueness of each individual.

Sure, people can be grouped into categories based on their interests, and that is another very important part of my Lazy Sales Formula – teaching you how to divide your traffic based on what interests them.

When you know what interests your particular subscriber, you can better market to that person. Maybe they won’t buy the first thing you offer them, or even the second. But you will not burn out your e-mail by having them ignore you, and you,most definitely, won’t alienate anyone from your list if you apply my very own, unique, method of selling called “Soft selling.”

I developed this “soft selling” method during my years as a salesman for a Fortune 500 company, and, after much effort, I’ve managed to adjust the “soft selling” technique so it works perfectly for online marketing.

In my Lazy Sales Formula, I explain in detail how to best approach your subscribers so to be able to maximize your conversion rates, and beat the crap out of every sales average and statistic out there!

You can check it out now by clicking on the image below: