Fortune 500 Company Top Salesman Reveals An Easy Step-By-Step Method That Allows Anyone To Sell Anything Online -
Without Actually Selling

If You’ve Been Trying To Make Money Online By Listening To Advice The “Gurus” And Self-Proclaimed Experts Have Been Serving You – You’re In For A Surprise!

Let’s face it – the biggest problem with making money online today is the fact that there are too many “gurus” and “experts” out there, promising things that they can never deliver.

Even the well-intentioned ones offer training, courses and guides that barely scratch the surface of affiliate marketing, and the money people make (if any) is nowhere near the sum that the gurus ‘guarantee’.

People usually feel that they’re failing due to their inexperience, and they end up wasting their money on dozen different marketing training courses, only to find out that they’re all the same.

The truth is that these ‘gurus’ lure people into buying their courses and thinking everything is going to be very easy.

I have to admit that what they usually teach makes me sick to my stomach.

The advice you can find in these courses is to sell, sell and sell.
And do it all while being pushy.


Because they want you to believe that it’s the fastest way of making big bucks.

If only that were true…

The thing is, people have become tired of aggressive advertising.

Nobody likes being told that they need a certain product, and that they absolutely have to buy it.

As soon as people feel like something is forced on them, they walk away from the affiliates’ offers.

On top of that, this type of marketing just doesn’t feel moral and ethical.

This method is outdated, and I can assure you that it won’t work for much longer.

That’s why anyone who listens to these ‘gurus’ will always struggle to make any money.

Luckily, YOU are not going to be one of those people, because I’m willing to help you succeed in the world of online marketing.

Discover How You Can Leverage My
Method And Secure A Steady Income
By Being Able To Sell Anything To
Anyone, Without Actually Selling

Hi, my name is Ken, and unlike those ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’, I don’t come from the “virtual world”.

What I mean by that is that I’ve been a real-world salesman for a Fortune 500 company.

During my years as a salesman, I’ve learned a thing or two about sales.

Still, I knew that there was always more to learn.

I was very interested in learning everything about online marketing from the marketing “gurus”, but I had my guard up.

I relied on my experience and decided to ignore some of the information outlined in their courses, and followed my gut instead.

That’s when my problems online started slowly disappearing.

The more I pivoted from the high-pressure sales techniques these courses were teaching, the more money I was making.

And it all finally made perfect sense to me.

But it didn’t all start like that…

My Failures Online Started Because I
Foolishly Believed What “Gurus” Were
Telling Me

You see, I wanted to start an online business and have it easy by just watching the balance on my bank account increase, without having to leave the comfort of my home.

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out the best way to monetize affiliate products, but all my effort and time was wasted.

I only made 2-3 sales per month, and the work, time and the effort I invested just weren’t paying off.

And believe me, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years working as a salesman for a Fortune 500 company - it’s that time is money.

Wasted time was a wasted opportunity to make money some other way.

I made a rookie mistake… I blindly followed what others were teaching. Their advice and pushy sales techniques didn’t get me anywhere.

I even think that, deep inside, I didn’t even want to succeed, because I knew the methods I’ve been using weren’t morally and ethically acceptable.

And shoving products down people’s throats – that’s just not who I am.

I’ve spent most of my life working as a salesman in the real world, and the experience I’ve gained over the years has thought me one thing…

Being An Aggressive Salesman Won’t
Get You Anywhere. Period.

I was the top salesman for many years in the company I worked with.

And having an MBA in marketing, it’s safe to say that I was not your typical salesman.

Although my day job paid well, I didn’t have much free time and I knew my boss was making 10 dollars for every dollar I earned.

That’s why I decided to dive into the world of Internet marketing.

Even though I was an experienced salesman, I have to admit that the “gurus” got to me too.

They convinced me to buy their shiny courses and follow their methods.

But there was something about their teachings that just didn’t feel right.

After trying dozen different courses, and failing to make any money, I decided to test out my own methods.

With the same methods that I’m going to share with you today, I quickly went from barely making 2 to 3 affiliate product sales a month, to raking in some serious cash.

And with every single sale I made, I took notes.

Soon enough, a pattern started forming in front of me, and it only became clearer with every new note.

Unintentionally, I created a formula for selling affiliate products online.

A formula that didn’t make me sick to my stomach.

A formula that was pretty much selling the products without actually selling.

That’s when it hit me!

I had a system so powerful that anyone could replicate it, and start making money with it in a matter of days.

Now, I’m not talking about making $10,000 in 24 hours or anything like that.

But I do believe that this formula can help anyone create an extra, steady source of income.

After testing it on a few friends and family members, I decided to make it publicly available, so that any struggling entrepreneur could apply it and reach success online.

Today, I want to share the formula with YOU!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my…

Lazy Sales Formula

My step-by-step, comprehensive video course reveals the exact same methods I discovered thanks to the years of experience outside the virtual world.

The course is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner and reveals everything you need to know about making money online by “selling” affiliate products without being pushy, aggressive or sleazy.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover
In My Course:

  • The 7-Step Formula To Successfully Start Selling Anything Online In Just A Few Days From Now

  • Exactly How To Pick And Choose Affiliate Products To Promote, That Are Guaranteed To Sell

  • The Biggest Mistake Everyone Makes When It Comes To Selling Via Email, And How To Avoid It

  • A Proven Strategy For Building Long-Term Relationships With Your Email Subscribers, So That They Keep Buying From You Time And Again

  • Exactly How To Re-Write Any Pushy Email And Make It 10x More Effective By Turning It Into A Soft-Sell Email

  • How To Use Solo Ads To Quickly Drive Traffic To Your Pages And Build Your List While Making Money On The Back-End

  • How To Design And Build A Special “Survey” That Laser-Targets Your Subscribers’ Interests And Sells Them EXACTLY What They’re Interested In At That Moment, Guaranteeing Insanely High Conversion Rates

  • My Proven Formula For Leveraging The World’s Largest Website To Drive As Much Traffic To Your Offers As You Want

    And much, much more!

Once you have the system up and running, you’ll understand exactly why it’s called the Lazy Sales Formula.

  • “I was searching for any easy step by step course of an affiliate marketing as a newbie. I did’t know how and where to start though I had some basic knowledge of aff marketing. This course gave me the direction I really needed from a long time. I am really confident now that I can start and do well. Thank you Ken for the push!”

    ‒ Gary M.

  • “Quick review: I bought the package today. It’s not very long, but the method is really easy to follow and the twist is really creative. I’ve read other solo ad programs before and this one really feels like it could have great potential in terms of revenue. Thanks for all the great material!”

    ‒ Jolene T.

  • “I just purchased an offer that says it can help guide you to making money but to be totally honest, it will do far more than money can ever do! Ken’s little offer has a ton a great stuff no matter if your a noob or a seasoned veteran! I won’t say more than this: Without question this offer contains more ‘Goodness’ than ANY offer I have ever purchased on the Warrior Forum or any offer on the Internet! And I have been buying them ever since the inception of the Warrior Forum began and I mean the beginning.”

    ‒ Martin H.

  • “Your training is awesome and genius! And I rarely brag on this kind of stuff. I love that there’s no fluff (or OTO); you get straight to the point offering readers the best suggestions and tips, and include step-by-step simplified instructions. (…)Thank you so much for offering such a generous price on sharing what you’ve learned to successfully build an online income.”

    ‒ Bradley G.

My Formula Revolves Around A
Marketing Method That Is Capable Of
Increasing Your Marketing ROI

I strongly believe that the real value of
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It’s based on years of experience as a salesman and on proven-to-work online marketing techniques.

However, I did not set out to make money with this course.

After all, I have used this exact formula to create my own highly-profitable online business and secure my financial freedom.

And I want to help YOU do the same!

That’s why I dramatically lowered the price of my course and decided to offer it at a symbolic price of just $27.

That’s right. Just twenty-seven US dollars.

But wait, that’s not all.

On top of the course itself, I’ve also prepared two special bonuses if you take action and get the Lazy Sales Formula today.

  • Bonus #1: Tested & Proven Soft-Selling Email Templates

    You’ll get the exact same templates I use for writing soft-sell emails to sell some of the most popular affiliate products on the market. Simply copy and paste these email templates and they’ll be closing sales for you ‘round the clock.

  • Bonus #2: “The Secret Survey Formula Questions” Template

    You’ll get access to my most successful survey formula campaign yet. You’ll see the exact same questions and answers I use to laser-target my subscribers’ interests and sell them EXACTLY what they NEED in that very moment.

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