Forum Marketing For SEO

For the life of me, I don’t understand why most marketers just ignore forums and boards. They’re all about the latest social media network, like VINE or whatever. They ignore one of the most stable traffic sources online, which are forums because unlike other social media sites, which have people from everywhere under the sun, with forums, you have people who basically raise their hand and say I’m in this group. So they’re laser-targeted, all hang out in one place. It’s really like a watering hole for your target audience. When you follow this strategy that I’m going to show you, you can get results like this from a forum.

Step #1: Find Forums in Your Niche. There are a bunch of search engines you can use. Basically, you’re just looking for forums in your niche. You may not know them off the top of your head, but if you don’t you can use any of the search engines. I can almost guarantee you no matter what niche you’re in, there’s at least one popular forum out there.
Step #2: Pinpoint One ACTIVE Forum. Then what you want to do is find the forum that’s most active. The most active one in the group is usually the best. Just look at the last post. If it was in the last day, then you’re good. If there hasn’t been a post in two or three days, you probably want to move on to the next forum.
Step #3: Create Your Foundation. So now it’s time to actually get embedded in the forum. So when you join a forum, you have to keep in mind that this isn’t like Twitter where you just hop on and you’re instantly one of the people tweeting stuff. You’re joining a pretty tight-knit community a lot of time and because a lot of people realize that you can get awesome targeted traffic from forums, some people spam. So, obviously, these communities have set up, either official or unofficial guidelines to prevent people from being overly self-promotional. Fortunately, you can still promote your site and be a respected member of the community, by just providing a little bit of value up front when you first join the forum. This will INSTANTLY make you stand out from the people who are basically spammers, who are just too lazy to get involved with the community. They just want to spam their links right away. Their accounts get deleted or they get ostracized from the group. So before you share anything you want to take care of these little housekeeping items. So the first thing you want to do is:
• Publish 25 helpful replies over the course of about a week. The reason So there’ll be people having questions or whatever, or they’ll just hear an experience and you just want to give a helpful reply. You don’t want to say super generic stuff. It should be pretty helpful. You don’t have to write “War and Peace” or anything. The thing I do the most is give people help who are struggling with an SEO problem or social network issue, it is not ground breaking, but it does provide some unique perspective and value.
• You also want to start one or two helpful threads of things you learned that have nothing to do with your site. So you don’t want to promote your site at this point, just things that you learned or cool tips that you have. Now, again, you don’t want to link back to anything until at least two weeks after creating your account.
Step #4: Ready for Liftoff. So once you feel like you’ve established yourself as a member of the community, people are responding to you, people are replying to your stuff, its time to promote your site. You have to remember – I think a lot of times with forum marketing, people need to get out of their own way because people come to these forums to read great content. They want to see people share stuff. So you don’t need to be shy about promoting yourself as long as you’ve done the housekeeping items that I just went over.

Forums are a great source for traffic and best of all it can be laser targeted to your individual niche. This can be a very reliable source of traffic and also build your credibility within your niche community.

Ken. R

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