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From The Desk Of: Alexandru Alin

December, 2015

Dear Friend,

If you’re serious about making money online in the fastest time possible, you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to show you, because…

You’re About To Discover How You Can Get A  Seven-Figure Funnel Expert To Personally Build You A Sales Funnel Blueprint, Completely FREE

I am Alexandru, the founder and CEO of FunnelExpert.com and TrafficExpert.com and I've been the “engineer” behind many of the most successful product launches in this industry.

So far I’ve built over 142 different sales funnels across 21 different niches and run a 30-person company with two offices in different parts of the world.

My clients and products have been featured in places like CNN, ABC News, Fox News, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

And sure, all of this sounds impressive, but what I am most proud of is that I’ve found a way to not only make money, but also live a very stress-free life with a lot of free time on my hands.

Having built so many sales funnels in such diverse industries and for clients from various backgrounds, I’ve discovered that there is a HUGE difference between just making a lot of money online and making a lot of money online but also having the time to enjoy the freedom that the money brings you.

What I found was that there’s a universal approach for starting and running an information business that, when used properly, turns cold traffic into cold hard cash like clockwork and faster than anything else out there I’ve ever seen.

This universal approach is based on a…

“Proven 3-STEP FORMULA That Easily  Generates Sales On Autopilot”

Now, before I reveal the formula, I have to be completely honest…

I discovered it by accident. I wish it happened otherwise, so I could brag about how smart I am, but it was kind of by accident.

The truth is, the formula was triggered by 3 separate events which happened quickly one after the other.

All of these events gave me HUGE revelations and once the dust settled, I realized that if I could find a way to merge these 3 steps that I discovered into a single formula, then both my clients and I could greatly benefit from it.

Here’s exactly how these 3 events happened…

Event #1:

“Here’s How We Built A Digital Product That Dominated The Marketplace And Generated $300k+ In Sales”

About two years ago we built one of the best product we’ve built thus far.

Since then we’ve had many other best-selling products in different marketplaces, but it was here where I came to an important realization.

We built a 5-hour video course accompanied by worksheets, PDFs and blueprints.

That product went on to dominate the ClickSure marketplace and generate over $300k in sales in a very short period of time.

“#1 On Clicksure for Weeks, Very Low Refund Rates and Made A Ton Of Money”


Alexandru and his team produce top quality products. They make your life easy and ALWAYS produce and deliver on time every time.

Not only that, Alexandru always gives ideas on how to improve certain things, which is an added bonus!

My product was #1 on ClickSure for weeks and had very low refund rates and made a ton of money.

If you're thinking about hiring them… go for it. You will make more money in the long run.

Building a product that provides MASSIVE value makes everything easier. If it’s a great product, your refund rate will be very low and you’ll be able to easily get affiliates and JV partners to promote it and practically do the work for you.

The secret to creating an award-winning product that customers will go crazy over is made out of 3 steps.

  • Step 1: Create a Product for a HUNGRY Market

  • Step 2: Provide Step-by-Step Instructions
    Based On Proven-to-Work Methods

  • Step 3: Keep It Stupid Simple

That’s it. Sticking to these 3 simple steps guarantees a great digital product.

Once you’ve made sure you are successfully serving a hungry market, it’s time to put your proven methods in a piece of paper and then organize them and share them in a step-by-step matter.

And while you do all of this, make sure you are keeping it stupid simple, so anyone can easily consume the product you’re putting out.